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Is a root canal the best CHOICE?

Our integrative approach to root canal treatments

The field of biologic dentistry challenges the traditional field of dentistry on the use of root canals. We are here to answer your questions on this debate. Our first goal is to prevent them in the first place, right? We agree that we would rather not do any root canals, but often the alternatives to root canals are not fully understood when making this decision. 

We are here to help you decide your best options. 

If we are having a discussion on root canal options, it is generally because of pain. Either pain caused by a bacterial infection into the nerve of your tooth or trauma that has caused an internal fracture in your tooth. Often, the trauma is simply grinding your teeth too hard during the day or night. The distinction is important when deciding on treatment. 

When discussing root canal alternatives, we focus on:

  1. Do what you can and what we can to prevent a root canal. Reduce cavities, reduce bacterial profile, reduce grinding. Prevention is always a less expensive and healthier option.
  2. Many traditional dentists will recommend root canals without giving your body time to heal on its own. Teeth have repaired themselves without intervention for many, many years. We take this into account and help you understand why to simply give your body more time to heal without intervention.

This is the future of dentistry and systemic health awareness — and it’s happening right now at Choices in Dentistry. Call (312) 368-8771 to schedule an appointment.

Ozone for your health

Ozone, which reduces anaerobic pathogens, is an all-natural way to protect your health during a root canal procedure. By balancing the bacterial biofilm, our dentists are able to help protect your immune system.

What to expect from your root canal treatment

If we decide that you want to give a root canal a try,  we have the alternative protocols to take into account the questions posed in the biologic field. Ozone permeates tiny canals, and we fill the tooth with an inert paste that traditional dentists do not generally use. 

If we decide that a root canal procedure is your best course of treatment, rest assured that your health, safety, and comfort will be our top priorities.

  1. Using high-tech low-emission digital imaging technology we’ll look deeply into the tooth to plan your treatment
  2. Your dentist will prepare the tooth, placing a sterile barrier, and applying all-natural ozone therapy to prevent bacterial contamination
  3. You’ll be fully numb and completely comfortable before we get started
  4. We’ll gently remove the decayed and infected tooth structure, continuing to use ozone therapy to ensure sterility throughout your treatment
  5. The tooth will be sealed and we’ll take an impression for the final restoration, usually a crown
  6. A temporary crown will be placed on your tooth — you’ll return for a final visit when the finished crown is ready

Our integrative approach to root canal procedures and systemic health

By doing root canals this way, we are reducing the chronic strain of continued anaerobic pathogens that the biologic field points to as the problems with traditional root canal therapy. We are not leaving behind the potential challenge to your system. Instead, we boost your immune system and reduce complications as safely as possible. 

Most teeth will need a restoration that will look and function like a natural tooth for years to come.

During your appointment, we’ll encourage you to ask questions like:

  • Why are root canals so common?
  • Is a root canal treatment always needed — or even the best option for me?
  • How can I prevent tooth decay in the future?
  • How can we avoid root canal toxicity?

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