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How do you see the world?

Just think about it — what gives a better view of the Earth: a flat printed map or a 3D globe?

At Choices in Dentistry, we look for opportunities to go above and beyond for our patients. This includes investing in the latest dental technology like the iTero 3D scanner and imaging system. Just as a flat 2D can give a misleading view of the world, a 2D radiographic x-ray isn’t always the best tool for planning your treatment or evaluating your health.

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How can we apply 3D scanning and imaging to our integrative practice?

The iTero scanner is one simple, safe, and easy-to-use piece of technology that we can use in a variety of ways. During your visit to Choices in Dentistry, we may recommend the iTero as a way to…

  • Take fast and incredibly precise impressions for crowns. No more goopy and sticky impressions.
  • Monitor tiny changes in the alignment of your bite. 
  • Spot tiny cavities between teeth that can’t be easily seen with traditional radiographic x-rays.
  • Provide instant visualizations for Invisalign treatments. Scanners used at other dentist’s offices aren’t capable of this. But at Choices in Dentistry, we’re able to review orthodontic options for you in real-time.

About Choices in Dentistry

CHOICES. From high-tech equipment to integrative and holistic treatments, that’s exactly what you’ll find at your fingertips at our Chicago Loop holistic dentist office. We don’t tell. We ask. We don’t lecture. We educate. We learn and grow with our patients. It’s a different approach to dentistry and one that emphasizes…

  • Personalized care
  • High-tech and high-quality treatments
  • Friendly and gentle dentists and staff
  • Eco-friendly office
  • Easy to understand billing and insurance options
choices in dentistry itero 3d scanner in the chicago loop

“Has something changed about my bite?”

Most dentists find it difficult if not impossible to answer this question or questions like…

  • “Am I clenching my teeth?”
  • “Are my teeth wearing away?”
  • “Am I grinding at night?”

Oftentimes the answer is subject and doesn’t tell the whole story. However, by taking annual 3D scans with the iTero system, we can not only tell you the answer to these questions, but we can show you the answer, as well. Each year, we can superimpose the 3D images over each other and evaluate year-to-year changes. You’ll feel empowered and develop a deeper understanding of how your mouth is developing.

    I have been going here for 15 years. Everyone is professional, courteous, and does an excellent job.

    Drew N.

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