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Missing teeth are a drain on your health, wellness, and happiness

Your teeth do more than help you chew food. When a tooth is lost, your health, wellness, and even self-confidence pay a price. Missing teeth may cause…

  • Bone loss in the jaw and changes to your facial appearance
  • Difficulty eating and speaking naturally
  • Increased risk of gum disease and decay
  • Feelings of embarrassment about the appearance of your smile

Here at Choices in Dentistry, we offer our patients the very best way to replace missing teeth permanently: dental implants. Let us help you fix your missing teeth forever.

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Implants and your health

Even a single missing tooth can drastically affect your confidence, appearance, health, and quality of life. At Choices in Dentistry, we believe in the power of modern dental implants to restore both aesthetics and function.

A tooth implant is the next best thing to a healthy and natural tooth. The implant itself acts as the “root” of your tooth, actually strengthening your jaw and encouraging the growth of healthy bone tissue in your mouth. A custom-made crown is placed atop the implant to complete the restoration.

Following your implant procedure, you’ll enjoy a healthy life, smiling, eating, and living with confidence.

Answers to your questions about dental implants

Do you do same-day implants or All-on-4 implants?

Many implant centers advertise “same day smiles.” At Choices in Dentistry, we offer this service by partnering and working closely with a local oral surgeon and high-tech dental lab. Putting it all together, our experienced and skilled team offers the same level of private one-on-one care advertised by dental implant centers.

How much do dental implants cost? Will insurance pay for my implant?

Every case is unique. For single implants, we charge a very reasonable flat rate. More complicated multi-implant placements are referred out to a specialist.

Sometimes implants are covered under medical insurance instead of dental. If you have dental insurance, we can spread the expenses over 2 insurance years, using the healing time to get us to the next insurance year before we finish the implant. 

Our in-office KLEER membership does include a 20% discount on implants, too!

Do you offer zirconia implants?

Our oral surgeon can place holistic zirconia implants if desired. We’ll work with you to choose the best implant for your health and explain the pros and cons of titanium and zirconia implants.

Do you extract a tooth and place the implant in the same visit?

This depends on your health. We use our experience and knowledge of the human body to decide when to allow healing time and when it’s best to finish the procedure in a single day. We’ll help you understand our thought process and make the best choice for your health.

Very friendly staff and great experience overall!

Douglas S.

A lifetime of healthy smiles

With proper care and regular checkups, your implants can truly last a lifetime. At Choices in Dentistry, our dentists help patients learn how to brush and floss properly to avoid decay, cavities, gum disease, and other health issues.

When you have a tooth implant, preventing gum disease is paramount. Peri-implantitis, a bacterial infection that affects dental implants, is the #1 preventable cause of implant failure. Our ozone therapy treatments are a great way to eliminate bacteria! A healthy diet, great brushing habits, and attention to the needs of your body can help you avoid gum disease. More than putting your implants at risk, gum disease can also lead to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers.

That’s why our approach to dental implants extends beyond the dental implant procedure itself. Our integrative and holistic approach to your health focuses on your whole body — not just the health of your teeth and gums.

About Choices in Dentistry

It’s more than our name — it’s the philosophy that guides us. We help our patients discover the right path and make the best possible choice for their dental health. We specialize in education — not lecturing. We take the time to explain every option and answer any questions you have. Our unique approach to dentistry emphasizes…

  • Personalized care
  • High-tech and high-quality treatments
  • Friendly and gentle dentists and staff
  • Eco-friendly office
  • Flexible billing and insurance options

Insurance, financing, and payment options

You are our priority, not your insurance

At Choices in Dentistry, we don’t let insurance companies set our standards of care. We are not contracted to any insurance provider, but we will gladly process all claims with your insurance company!

You have options!

Don’t have dental insurance? Don’t love your dental insurance? You have a CHOICE!

We want to make your experience better so you can worry less about paying for your treatment. You’ll be able to focus on making the right CHOICE for your health.


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