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Very few dentists are still placing mercury silver fillings — we certainly do not.

The bigger issue when it comes to mercury silver fillings is, “Should I have my fillings removed?”

This question should be discussed from the perspective of your systemic health AND your dental health. 

Systemically, everyone is different. One person could have multiple fillings and no problems. Others may have a small single filling and having a strong reaction to it. So the quantity of mercury doesn’t matter — your immune response matters. 

Symptoms that could be attributed to silver mercury fillings include:

  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Low self-esteem
  • Excessive tiredness

If you’re worried, schedule an appointment at Choices in Dentistry. Call (312) 368-8771 to schedule an appointment to learn more about our mercury-free approach to dentistry.

Even the FDA is finally evaluating the mercury exposure and has some recommendations.

If you believe you have a systemic reaction to your existing silver fillings, we can safely remove them. How they are removed is extremely important and we know how. Even better, we can coordinate this process with the help of your primary care provider.

How we safely remove mercury fillings

We use high-powered air filtration devices, medical-grade charcoal rinse, and a nitrile protective barrier to ensure that no mercury enters the atmosphere or your body when we are removing a mercury filling. This also ensures that you are never exposed to mercury from other patients who are having their fillings removed. Our approach is thorough and effective. 

Here at Choices in Dentistry, our office is S.M.A.R.T.-certified and specializes in the safe removal of mercury fillings and the use of non-mercury fillings to repair cavities. Learn more about SMART certification at We offer protection at two levels to help make this more affordable. You choose your level of protection.

How we help you decide if they should be replaced.

When examining your mouth, we’ll evaluate the condition of your fillings. Silver fillings expand and contract at different rates than the natural tooth around them, so the surrounding teeth commonly get microfractures that cause people to need more crowns.

We want to reduce your risk for needing crowns by safely removing your fillings and replacing them with a bonding acrylic filling that actually strengthens the tooth.  But even then, be careful, replacing silver fillings can result in complications. We can only help you understand the pros and cons of replacing each of your fillings tooth by tooth. No two teeth tell the same story!

Our goal is to have all mercury/silver fillings removed from your mouth to help you achieve optimal health. You don’t have to “fix” every filling all at once though. Removing silver fillings over time is often a more affordable option.

When filling a cavity, our office uses biocompatible ceramic resin. Not only are these white fillings a healthy CHOICE, but they look great, too!

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