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The Choices in Dentistry Difference

What sets us apart?
Our philosophy and our people.

By taking the best of what biological and holistic dentistry have to offer and combining it with proven traditional treatments, we’ve become the only integrative dental office in the Chicago Loop. 

We put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to making decisions for your health. We’re here to educate and answer your questions. We’ll offer our guidance but the rest is up to you. You determine the course of your treatment and decide what’s best for you.

Our approach is so simple, so effective, and so empowering, you’ll wonder why no other dentist does it.

The doctors 

Dr. Patricia Gilleran

“When I woke up to how much traditional care was not prioritizing material safety, sustainable procedures, and holistic solutions, I knew I had to create an integrative practice. Not only do I create beautiful smiles, they’ll be in harmony with your entire body. ”

Away from the office: Making art, volunteering, parenting 4 teens and doing my best to find time for yoga!

Dr. Nellie Sutherland

“I look for the why in dentistry. Why are you here, what are your oral health goals, and how can we work together to achieve them?”

Away from the office: Playing tennis, reading, and quality time with her family and dog Roxie!

Dr. Cristina Floro
Dr. Jerald M. Schwab

The team

Our dentists can’t do it alone! We rely on our awesome team who are dedicated to making Choices in Dentistry unlike any other dentist in Chicago. When you become a patient at our office, you’ll get to know…


He answers the phones and handles most insurance questions.


Invaluable in the clinic area. She can do everything.  


Keeps the clinic running smoothly.


Insurance guru that has been with the team the longest. 


Manages the team and makes sure customer service is our #1 priority.

Dr. Koch

He is our roommate at Choices, sharing space for almost 10 years.


Traditional hygienist who is excited to learn about holistic care.

The office 

We’re located in the heart of Chicago’s Loop. Our building has entrances on both Washington and Wabash, half a block from State Street. The new Washington “L” stop literally drops you at the Wabash entrance. We’re open Monday through Friday, including mornings and evenings so you can fit an appointment into your busy schedule.

Ask for a quick tour and we’ll show you all the eco-friendly and sustainable features we’ve made part of our practice.

The fun stuff

We go above and beyond to help everyone feel welcome. You can wear headphones with soothing music during your appointment or indulge in a paraffin hand wax treatment. Plus, our patients enjoy little gifts like handmade soaps and flowers!

Insurance, financing, and payment options

You are our priority, not your insurance

At Choices in Dentistry, we don’t let insurance companies set our standards of care. We are not contracted to any insurance provider, but we will gladly process all claims with your insurance company!

You have options!

Don’t have dental insurance? Don’t love your dental insurance? You have a CHOICE!

We want to make your experience better so you can worry less about paying for your treatment. You’ll be able to focus on making the right CHOICE for your health.


Learn more about our in-house membership today!

Office Information

Monday : 10am - 6pm
Tuesday : 9:30am - 5:30pm
Wednesday : 8am - 4pm
Thursday : 8am - 4pm
Friday : 8am - 3pm
Saturday & Sunday : Closed

(312) 368-8771

25 E. Washington Street
Suite 1101
Chicago, IL 60602
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