Don’t have dental insurance?
Don’t love your dental insurance?
Our in-house dental plans may be the best CHOICE!

Make an easy and affordable investment in your health.

$199 New Patient Special

No insurance? No problem!
  • Comprehensive holistic exam + cleaning
  • Discount on x-rays
  • Discussion of dental and health history
  • Review of our in-house payment options
  • Custom holistic treatment plan

Don’t wait another minute. See a dentist who cares about you and your whole-body health.

Note: This special offer is for new patients without dental insurance. 

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Dental care shouldn’t be so complicated…

Here at Choices in Dentistry, we see so many patients who just don’t understand what their dental insurance covers, are frustrated by poor coverage, or who don’t have dental insurance at all.

With our in-house dental plans, we’re trying to make it easier, so you can worry less about paying for your treatment. You’ll be able to focus on making the right CHOICE for your health.

If you have poor coverage, you might save money by investing in our affordable in-house dental membership plans. And if you don’t have insurance or you have Medicaid, this dental membership program is the best way to reduce your out-of-pocket costs for all of your dental health needs. 

Keep reading to learn more or sign up today.

in-house dental plans from KLEER at Choices in Dentistry Chicago Loop

You always have a CHOICE



per month

For patients 13 and under, this dental office membership plan includes:

  • 2 Professional Cleanings
  • 2 Exams
  • 2 Oral Screenings
  • Routine X-Rays
  • 1 Emergency Visit



per month

For adults and teens, this in-house dental plan includes:

  • 2 Professional Cleanings
  • 2 Exams
  • 2 Oral Screenings
  • Routine X-Rays
  • 1 Emergency Visit



per month

For adults, this in-house dental insurance plan is the best option for fighting and preventing gum disease.

  • 3 Perio Maintenance Procedures
  • 2 Exams
  • 2 Oral Screenings
  • Routine X-Rays
  • 1 Emergency Visit

Every one of our in-house dental plans also includes:

  • 5-15% discount on all other procedures completed at Choices in Dentistry!

  • 5% discount on additional subscriptions for your other family members

In-House Dental Plans

Dental Insurance

Includes preventive care at no added cost? Every dental membership plan includes exams and cleanings. Usually but it depends on the plan.
Required waiting periods? No, you can start treatment right away. Some plans require you to wait for 6 months for some procedures.
Restrictive yearly maximums? There are no limits on how much you can save. Most insurance plans have a yearly maximum of $1,000 or less.
Complicated forms, deductibles, and claims? Never. You work with the dentists you know and trust, not big corporations. Insurance is meant to be confusing and frustrating so you don’t use it!
Chicago Loop in-house dental memberships from KLEER at Choices in Dentistry

Getting started at Choices in Dentistry

Feeling excited about discovering our integrative approach to health? Schedule a 30-minute complimentary get-to-know-you visit. You’ll meet with Dr. Gilleran and talk about your health. Your complimentary session can be conducted in person or via online televisit.

We’ll even do a free microscopic analysis of your mouth while you’re here!

Call our office (312) 368-8771 or contact us online to schedule.

We can’t wait to see you!

Love the dentists and entire staff. Super professional. They invest in their office and new technologies. Thank you and your entire staff!!

Patricia H.

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Make the right CHOICE

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