The Truth About Root Canal Toxicity in the Chicago Loop

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Have you heard that root canals are toxic? We are here to answer your lingering questions.

The absolute best plan is to not need a root canal in the first place. With regular exams and cleanings, we can help you to minimize the possibility of ever needing a root canal. However, if you have been told you need one and need help with this decision, we are here to help you. As active members of the integrative and holistic community, we are fully informed on the latest pros and cons of root canal treatment. 

At Choices in Dentistry, if it is determined that a root canal is a safe option for your health, we offer root canal treatments that are designed with safety, comfort, and above all else, your health in mind. Call (312) 368-8771 to schedule a complimentary meet-and-greet session to ask questions and learn more. We can even do these sessions virtually!

Do you know what a root canal is?

A root canal cleans the center of your tooth by removing the pulp (internal material within the tooth) and replaces it with an inert material. The remaining tooth structure is then sealed and capped with a custom dental crown. There are countless root canals done every day to relieve dental pain. But are they safe for everyone? 

The goal of a root canal is to sterilize the tooth of all bacteria, but this is hard to do in an organic live environment. If anaerobic bacteria are lingering after the root has been cleaned, it can lead to an ecosystem that can be problematic, which is the essence of the root canal debate.

Can we sterilize the tooth better to reduce the potential for a re-infection, pain, and potential systemic complications? Absolutely we can, using high-tech ozone therapy.

Do you even need a root canal?

In a perfect world, no one would ever need a root canal. However, decay around old fillings or crowns, minor childhood trauma, internal fractures, external resorption, erosion, and deep decay are some reasons we might consider root canal therapy. 

Keeping up with professional evaluations does a lot to keep you from needing a root canal. Our preference is to catch cavities early while they are still small and can be easily filled with a small tooth-colored composite filling. However, when we believe a root canal should be considered, we will explain our reasoning and work with you to provide treatment that you feel confident about.

What is the controversy around root canals?

Root canals have been done for hundreds of years to relieve dental pain. Recently, the holistic community has been reviewing the procedure’s safety. It is theorized that residual aerobic bacteria linger and potentially cause both local and systemic problems. As integrative practitioners, we take into account both sides of this debate. We review if your systemic health can handle a root canal. Remember, the success of all dental work depends on how well your immune system can handle the controlled trauma of dental work. As such, we determine if there are methods to eliminate your pain without a root canal and review the consequences if you opt for a tooth extraction instead. 

At Choices in Dentistry, we use ozone therapy to sterilize the inner chamber of the tooth and to help kill any and all bacteria. This prevents the growth of anaerobic bacteria and reduces the risk of chronic infection and strain on your body’s immune system.

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