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CONFIDENTLY OPEN – Covid-19 Updates from Choices in Dentistry

Last update July 10, 2020

We are health care providers! And oral health care is essential – we need a strategy to get back to work safely. And we did it!

New protocols make dental care better! This pandemic has moved dentistry into the new century. We have protocols that surpass any minimum guidelines from the ADA.  We are confident we will be known as the safest dental office in the Chicagoland area during this pandemic. You can be rest assured -we are doing it right.

STARTING WITH TELEVISITS. We already wonder why we haven’t done this sooner.   Limit your number of visits to our office, less travel, less potential exposure, we can learn so much before you arrive.  This is a new permanent part of our protocols. Take some time to prepare for your Televisit and be sure to take some good photos.

We put a lot of thought into the resulting strategy – Lots of webinars lots of learning.  We wanted to listen to everyone and find our path.  A couple of health experts helped us think through this.

We hope to find asymptomatic carriers by encouraging a test for everyone. We’re using a PCR test from MicroGenDx. Learn more about this test here.  We acknowledge that the test is only as good the day you took the test, but it makes a difference if we find asymptomatic carriers and they postpone care in our office.  Our SCREENING TOOL does just that.  We use it to create a schedule that is unique to every profile. We have grand ideas to do even more.  We even wonder if we can start a Get-A-Test-Give-A-Test campaign?

We created a COVID SCREENING tool to create an optimal schedule in our office. Do not mix the people vulnerable to COVID with those that live a lifestyle in which they are more likely to be asymptomatic carriers. Everyone is required to complete the screening. We know there is an element of trust in the patient answers, we hope we created a form that invites honesty. It is not meant to judge someone, only to help us schedule everyone more safely. View the screening test here.

CREATE A SCHEDULE FOR EVERYONELook at local data, who are the vulnerable people, account for places where COVID is spreading more quickly. Then viola – – -a safe schedule for everyone. This is the local data that shaped our schedule.

  • Schedule patients that are vulnerable to COVID in the morning.
  • Patients that agree to be tested in the morning.
  • Healthier people in the middle of the day.
  • Those that are more likely to be asymptomatic carriers – at the end of the day.

If you are part of the healthy group of people that will likely survive exposure – remember 98-99% will get better – we can schedule you in the middle of the day when the office might be a little busier.

CONTACT TRACING – This is easy in our office – – text, email, call everyone 14 days after leaving our office. Find out if they have had symptoms since they were in our office. If so, be responsible and contact trace all patients that were there that day.

HOURS AND TEAM MEMBERS.   We are scheduling Tuesdays and Wednesday through June 17.  Starting June 25, we will add Thursdays. Hours will expand balancing patient demand and staff availability.  More details here. 

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT – Of course we have PPE – it protects both the staff and the patients. N95 masks, face shields, hydrogen peroxide rinsing, constantly wiping surfaces, new ways to reduce aerosols, improving on this all the time. We are doing so much more than improved PPE, we think that a dental office that is emphasizing PPE protocols,  is not doing enough.


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