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  • Comprehensive holistic exam + cleaning
  • Discount on x-rays
  • Discussion of dental and health history
  • Review of our in-house payment options
  • Custom holistic treatment plan

Don’t wait another minute. See a dentist who cares about you and your whole-body health.

Note: This special offer is for new patients without dental insurance. Have insurance? Call us about your coverage!

What you need to know

At Choices in Dentistry, we are essential oral health care workers. We needed a strategy to get back to work safely, and we did it! We are confident we will be known as the safest dental office in the Chicagoland area during this pandemic.

You can be rest assured — we are doing it right. 

As you are planning your visit to our practice, here is what you need to know:

  • We’re excited to be back to work taking care of our patients. It starts slowly on June 2 and will grow with the demand. 
  • We’re juggling small business issues of limited staff. So far, Dr. Gilleran and Dr. Nellie will start the summer off, with the hygiene team still to be determined.  
  • Some new ideas are here to stay. Televisits to learn more before you arrive, understand insurance/finances prior to appointments, schedule longer appointments – all ideas that make us more efficient.  
  • New safety protocols right from the start. Our building requires masks and has created a one-way hallway. Enter on Washington, exit on Wabash. 
  • COVID screening tool on the website for us to understand your risks and schedule you better. 
  • Pre-rinsing every appointment, vacuums to collect and filter aerosols, air purification, N95 masks to keep the staff safe, 

Keep reading for more details about our new protocols.

Televisits Available

To limit the number of visits in our office, limit your need to travel, and to reduce potential exposure, we are offering televisits. We already wonder why we haven’t done this sooner.

Prepare for your televisit.

Scheduling for Everyone!

We have created a safe way to schedule all of our patients for the care they need.


Vacuums at Every Chair

We added a new filtered vacuum for each chair that collects aerosols to keep the office air clean. Watch the video here.

PPE & Team Members

We are doing so much more than improving PPE, we think that a dental office that is only emphasizing PPE protocols, is not doing enough. Read our latest updates on PPE and how our team members are protecting you.

Office Hours

We are adapting our office hours to meet the needs of our patients and as new information becomes available to us.


Additional Info

You can be rest assured — we are doing it right. We are confident we will be known as the safest dental office in the Chicagoland area during this pandemic. 

We successfully found a way to get back to work and keep your dental health a priority. In these times, a healthy immune system is critical. And unhealthy gums are a drain on your immunity. Be assured it is safe to come in and keep your immune system healthy. 

We have protocols that surpass any minimum guidelines. Our powerful chairside ULPA vacuums direct aerosols into the filter to keep the room air clean and almost eliminate viruses, COVID, flu, and colds. We think this will be a new normal in dentistry.

Our building requires masks and has created a one-way hallway — enter on Washington, exit on Wabash. Ride the elevator alone, no questions asked.

We still have salivary testing at MicroGenDx for the active virus and Quest Labs for IgG antibody status.

We’re stocked with Personal Protection Equipment to protect both the staff and our patients. N95 masks, custom fabricated face frames, face shields, hydrogen peroxide rinsing, constantly wiping surfaces, deploying new ways to reduce aerosols — we are doing so much more than the minimum and improving on this all the time. 

We have a COVID questionnaire to help us know who is coming to the office. All patients are treated like asymptomatic carriers and the questionnaire will help keep possible asymptomatic carriers away from vulnerable people. We know there is an element of trust in the patient answers, we hope we created a form that invites honesty. It is not meant to judge someone, only to help us schedule everyone more safely. View the screening test here.

Not only is Dr. Gilleran great at what she does, but she is kind, caring, and patient. Thanks Patty!

Ronnie S.

Insurance, financing, and payment options

We are in network with most Cigna plans!

If you have dental insurance, that’s great! We are in network with most Cigna plans and work closely with all other carriers.

Unfortunately, we do not accept Medicaid.

Have a question about how much your dental treatment will cost with your insurance? Call our office today at (312) 368-8771.

You have options!

Don’t have dental insurance? Don’t love your dental insurance? You have a CHOICE!

We want to make your experience better so you can worry less about paying for your treatment. You’ll be able to focus on making the right CHOICE for your health.


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