Oral Systemic Connection

Dentist in Chicago Loop

We are now entering a new era of health; dentists are becoming an integral part of patients’ overall health. Traditional health views considered the mouth separate from the rest of the body, however the latest research is bringing to light a truth: good oral health is an integral part of preventive cardiology, and diabetic care, and a major part of the prevention of any inflammatory disease.

Inflammatory diseases that can be triggered by oral inflammation include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s disease, pneumonia, preterm and low-weight births and various cancers. If we view oral health as a major pillar of overall health, it becomes even more important for every individual to have a healthy mouth.

Even as few as two professional cleanings per year can reduce a person’s risk for heart attack by 25% according to research presented at a recent American Heart Association meeting.

How does this change the way we function as dentists? A lot but there is also a lot to learn. As an Integrative practitioner, my goal is to add services to my practice slowly and in a manner that meets the desires of the patients in my practice. Some of you want to leave this analysis to your primary care physician, others would love it if we could provide some of these screening services at our office.

We are happy to be a part of this emerging field. Dr. Gilleran has joined the American Association of Oral System Health (AAOSH) specifically to learn more on how to help patients become healthier through their oral health.