Meet the Doctor

Dentist in Chicago, Illinois

Meet Dr. Patricia Gilleran 

I wanted to be a dentist starting in my teens, when I underwent extensive dental work to straighten my teeth. Throughout those years, I struggled to find a way to smile without opening my mouth and still have confidence in myself. My commitment, to helping people overcome similar problems to mine, has never wavered. What’s changed is our ability to stay abreast of trends and incorporate the latest innovations in order to deliver the best dental care possible.

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Sciences from Kalamazoo College, then went on to obtain my Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Detroit School of Dentistry. As a firm believer in continuing education, I strive to stay current in the latest techniques and practices, with a specialized focus on integrative dentistry.

Constant Pursuit of Knowledge

  • Following the Clinicians Report on a monthly basis allows me to stay abreast of traditional dental information.
    Attending the Holistic Dental Association conventions and Chicago’s annual midwinter dental convention familiarizes me with local and international vendors.
  • Participating in intensive online research and reading current literature keeps me informed of options for improved oral health, safe amalgam removal, supplements indicated for dental and overall health, the pros and cons of biocompatabilility, and more.
  • After 28 years of traditional practice, gaining new insights into how to better impact whole-body health is a course of study I find tremendously exciting. The work-life balance I’ve achieved is, hopefully, contagious, allowing others to feel a calming energy so integral to healing and wholeness.

Professional Memberships

Volunteer Work

  • Smiles for Success Foundation- I’m proud to be able to help provide free dental treatment to women in the program who cannot afford the cost of basic dental treatment.
  • A Silver Lining
  • CR Foundation

Something Personal

I grew up in Detroit, MI and have lived in the Chicago area since 1987. My husband, Tripp, and I have two sets of twins, both boy-girl pairs, who are now in middle school and high school.

I am an “artsy” hobbyist and have had studio space in the past, making mirrors that have sold at fairly prominent shops around Chicago. I continue to make mirrors (check out many of the older ones on the walls of our office). I wish I had more time to spend in the yoga studio! I am also involved with environmental issues and try to promote sound and conscious behavior in everyone’s daily life as much as I can.

Dr. Nellie Ghazal

Dentistry is my passion, and helping others is my purpose!

My Mission

It is my mission to strive for and deliver the highest quality of dental care for my patients. I help my patients achieve their oral health goals, and I treat them with care, respect and empathy.


  • University of California, Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences Davis, CA
  • Western University of Health Sciences, Master of Science in Medical Science Pomona, CA
  • Western University of Health Sciences, Doctorate of Dental Medicine Pomona, CA

Life & Hobbies

Having grown up in Temecula, California, Dr. Ghazal is the youngest of four children. She loves spending quality time with her family, playing tennis, taking care of her dog Roxie, and reading books in her spare time.