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How Often Should I Come In?

Most of our patients are scheduled for a dental cleaning and exam every six months. This interval is recommended by the ADA and it is a good guideline for most patients.

But everyone is a little different. Some people need their teeth cleaned more often, and some less often.

To accommodate for this variation, we have an appointment we call a “Prophy Only.” At this appointment, you only see the hygienist, not the dentist, so you do not incur an exam fee. It is a great way to keep your teeth clean for a little less money. Sometimes we recommend this schedule, other times the patients who like their teeth cleaned more often ask for this routine.

We’ll help you decide what routine works for your health and your budget at your next visit.

Choices at Your Next Cleaning

We let you decide!

With your next cleaning and checkup, please ask if we can provide any of the services complimentary to help enrich your visit and health!

  • Blood pressure screening
  • Test your salivary pH
  • Hot paraffin wax hand treatment
  • Go-Betweens (another method of flossing)
  • Invisalign® consultation
  • Sleep apnea consultation

Customized Tickler System

We will make every effort to contact you by the method and frequency you prefer.

We record your contact preference in your chart, so we know whether email, telephone, or traditional mail works best for you.

If you have difficulty scheduling appointments in advance, we will add you to our “short call list.” We call with last-minute openings, and if it works for you…great! This eliminates the need to cancel an appointment the day of, and gives us an opportunity to fill last-minute openings, which then keeps us from charging a cancellation fee.

We believe it’s a win-win!

Update Medical History

If you need to update your medical history, please download this form.  This will allow us to stay-on-top of your medical history.