Integrative Dentistry

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What is Integrative Dentistry?

Integrative Dentistry has no universal definition. We use the term to explain that we are open-minded to other modalities of treatment that may not be routinely thought about in traditional dentistry. Questions we ask include:

  • Do we need to look at our methods of removing amalgams?
  • Should we look closely at the ingredient list of products we are recommending?
  • Should we consider not using fluoride?
  • Are we eliminating amalgam waste in an ethical manner?
  • Is there a place for supplements in dental care? If considering supplements, is a great resource for rating supplements.
  • Should all patients be tested for bio-compatibility?
  • Are we addressing the patient from a systemic viewpoint?
  • Are there new tests that we could start to use that may not be in traditional/mainstream offices?

The answers to these questions will not be black and white, and we will always revisit them and add more questions to the list.

Being integrative means always thinking beyond traditional views, offering suggestions best for the entire well-being of the patient. We consider the patient’s overall health with each and every oral health recommendation.

Another field of dentistry is Biologic Dentistry. From our point of view, this group is more focused on bio-compatibility than we are. We use materials that are considered universally safe, and in general, consider a bio-compatibility test only for those who request it.