Green Minded Dentist

Dentist in Chicago Loop

What it means to be a green minded dentist…

We are environmentally aware in all aspects of our personal lives and are trying hard to bring that awareness to the office.

We joined the ECO Dental Association to learn what we can do.

Digital radiography is a significant start…no more X-ray solutions and film waste.

We installed an amalgam separator to keep the mercury we remove from your teeth from being dumped into the environment. This is not a mandatory protocol in Chicago, but important to us.

We practice paperless charting.

We switched to paper cups in our treatment rooms instead of plastic cups.

We are attempting to find a source for pure paper pickup, instead of counting on the unreliable city system, but we’ve had no luck. Because of this, Dr. Gilleran has been known to carry her journals home for paper recycling.

Look at the Eco Dentistry Association website for more information on our protocols.