Financial Information

Dentist in Chicago Loop

Payment Policy
Once our office establishes a working relationship with your insurance carrier, we accept assignment of benefits directly to our office. Once insurance is resolved, we will call you to make arrangements for payment of the balance. You may also choose to leave a credit card on file with the office for balance payment. Patients who opt not to leave a credit card have a choice to:

  • Ask our office for a pre-determination of benefits and pay their portion at each visit
  • Pay 50% of each visit with our office

Patients without dental insurance are asked to pay their balances in full at the conclusion of each visit.

Our fees are the same for all patients whether there is insurance or not. We are very insurance friendly and submit claims and pre-estimates electronically, but we are not members in any HMO’s, PPO’s or other managed care organizations.

Click here if you want to apply for affordable monthly payments through CareCredit.

Dental insurance is a wonderful benefit intended to off-set the cost of dental treatment. The amount of coverage is determined by the plan your employer chooses. Please keep in mind, if dental treatment is recommended we are happy to submit a pre-estimate prior to your appointment so you know your cost before beginning any treatment.