Dental Implants

Dentist in Chicago Loop

We do great restorative work if you need an implant-supported tooth. We have great referrals if you need to have one placed, then we restore the implant to a give you a tooth again. Implants are part of the field of Prosthetic Dentistry, which means that we are placing a prosthetic device. We will talk you through realistic expectations of an implant-supported tooth. Similar to the time it takes to get accustomed to any prosthesis in place in your body, it takes time for an implant to fade into your subconscious background and feel completely comfortable.

Dental implants resemble natural teeth and can completely restore your smile and substantially improve your oral health. The implant, made of titanium, is placed into the jaw. Once fused with natural bone, the crown (false tooth) is secured on the implant. Implants have the same, dependable foundation as natural tooth roots. With placed implants, you will no longer have to experience discomfort in chewing, laughing or speaking.

Our team will discuss tooth replacement options with you to help you make the most informed decision. The team at Choices In Dentistry utilizes modern technology to minimize any discomfort associated with receiving a dental implant. This allows for a very relaxed and comfortable experience, for even the most fearful patients.

There are many factors that our dentist will consider prior to recommending a dental implant, including: adequate bone support, healthy gum tissue, overall health, and sinus and nerve location.

Our Chicago Loop dentist is committed to making sure your smile is healthy and beautiful. Please contact us for more information.