Consider Supplements

Dentist in Chicago Loop

Do we use supplements? We know this is a great idea for overall health, but we are not qualified to be your source for balancing your supplements. There is one supplement that is specific for dental health that is very promising, and we are currently looking into our place in recommending this bone health supplement. We support the recommendation of your primary care physician and know that the supplements he or she is recommending will also improve your dental health.

If you are not on any supplements recommended by your primary care practitioner, we may be able to get you started with some general anti-inflammatory supplements that do improve your gum health.

We know it’s important to get supplements from a good source, and we recommend using as a reference for any supplements you’re considering taking.

We also know that all vitamins are not the same. We cannot know all the good companies, so we have decided to keep our source to only the few that we know are great. Not only is Carlson lab local (Arlington Heights, IL), we also are confident in its products. All Carlson products are FREE of gluten, wheat, casein, rye, mild, oat, MSG, and artificial dyes.